The company...


Having combined traditional techniques, technology, scientific training and new trends, we transformed a small traditional cheese farm into a modern production facility. With steady steps, innovative sales practices, strategic partnerships and, above all, anthropocentric approach, we have consolidated our position in the Greek market while also strengthened our extroversion by exporting to America, Australia, Arab Emirates and Germany.


Our vision...

...to gain the confidence of consumers
offering products of exceptional quality and nutritional value.

Our mission...

... to satisfy our consumers with respect

... to maintain an inseparable relationship of trust and credibility with our customers
and with all those involved in our business activity

... to contribute to the upgrading of the life of the local community


We have developed a plan to identify, evaluate and control the potential risks involved in the phase
our activity according to the food safety standard ΕΛΟΤ EN ISO 22000: 2005.

An important factor in achieving this goal is the excellent education of all employees in
all levels of the unit, the use of modern methods and equipment and the continuous development of the unit. The administration
ensures that your food safety policy is communicated, understood, implemented and maintained
by all its employees, while ensuring their training and the integrity of the unit.

Financial Results