Our History...

It begins in 1951,

in Planitero village of Kalavryta, where Theodoros Militsopoulos, having little means, with incredible difficulties, forgotten by the state, blocked by state aid, in tragic conditions, preserved the white gold of Kalavrita, as he used to call "FETA".

His son, Panagiotis Militsopoulos, still a child, was also introduced to the art of cheese making and envisioned cheese making as a business activity, with patience, faith and passion.

Since then, many things have changed, with the Company adapting, evolving, predicting and creating market trends within and outside the borders.
As the art of cheese making is a tradition in our family, Panagiotis Militsopoulos handed this art to the younger generation and today the "Militsopoulos" company is a dynamic enterprise of our country.

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